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I work with leaders and change–makers in all the Social Purpose spaces: nonprofits, grass roots movements, for profits with a social purpose component, education, government and healthcare. I help these folks to avoid and address burnout, overwhelm and deficits of perceived meaning in their work. I help them and their organizations to achieve even greater impacts. I have a masters degree in Nonprofit Management and I am a Certified Enneagram professional, with 30 years experience in each discipline.

My work through Garden Hill Consulting has been an exciting journey. With a career grounded in financial systems, analysis, diagnosis, processes and planning, my initial offerings—in 2009— were primarily financial management services and operational planning for nonprofit organizations. As I completed my masters degree, I expanded my work into Organization structure design, program evaluation and Organizational Development. I worked with fabulous clients, and they have been my best teachers.  

As my knowledge and expertise with the Enneagram flourished, it became clear it had to be the primary tool in my professional work. I now focus on mentoring and coaching for those who dedicate themselves in social purpose spaces.  The work they do is important; I strive to make it enjoyable and impactful.


To create and expand the positive experience of work in nonprofit, social-change spaces while increasing the Impact from the efforts. To support those on the front lines of leadership and social change so that they can Thrive and flourish in deeply meaningful and sustaining ways, personally and professionally. To build the Emotional Intelligence of change-makers so that Empathy is manifested in all corners.

My Areas/Subsectors of Experience and Expertise

Addiction Services 




Art Education






Consumer Energy  Conservation


Elder Services


Empowerment for Women & Girls


Faith-based Agencies/communities


Gun Fire Epidemic/Violence


Human and Family Services


International Development



Personal Growth and development


My vision is for a world where all leaders feel capable, competent, resourced and rested. Where their efforts manifest in all the best and most profound ways.

Anyone working to serve the Social Good or other beings deserves to Thrive, and flourish,  however they define it for themselves.

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