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Working with Individuals and Organizations

We align collaborative approaches and design each project to meet the client's situation. The events of 2020 compel us to be especially focused on demand for planning and road mapping; emerging leadership challenges and changing social sector realities. Data capture, analysis and key metrics underly much of the work.  
Below are the primary focus areas.

What we do: Service Offerings
  • Enneagram coaching, courses and trainings

  • Delivery of the Thrivery Framework of nonprofit Impact, a Whole System approach.

  • Team development

  • Leadership development 

  • Strategy/planning

  • Organizational

  • Governance: development  and training

  • Operational execution  

  • Bridge Building and dialogue facilitation with  Kaleidescope Institute*

*Kaleidescope Institute for diverse and sustainable communities

Sectors of Expertise

Addiction Services 


Art Education



Consumer Energy Conservation

Elder Services

Empowerment for Women & Girls

Faith-based Agencies/communities

Gun Fire Epidemic/Violence

Human and Family Services

International Development


Personal Growth and development

Thrivery Framework for Impact 

The Thrivery Framework for Impact consists of Four simple elements:

  1. The Raison d' Etre. Your Why

  2. Internal Structural Integrity

  3. Dynamic Strategic Programing

  4. Outcomes Methodology: Ideation, testing, iterations.


When interwoven, synchronized and well connected, these elements generate momentum, ideas and innovation. Resulting efforts produce impacts that are evident, tangible and demonstrable. Work is less work. Outcomes improve. We stop spinning.



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