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Getting back to business, 2020

Updated: Nov 11, 2020

It has been a tough year. As I write this, we are exactly 6 months in, and so much has happened, so much has changed. Our institutions and we as ourselves have been changed by this experience of a pandemic. At the same time, we are seeing long-lived, now exposed truths, long overdue: that for many people, nothing at all has changed that much in the last 160 some years.This too is shaking us deeply, and begins a process likely to play out over many years to come. The dust has yet to settle on an election that deserves much analysis, while we watch for more unexpected, maybe unsurprising outcomes

These months have turned many of us back to our core values, as we ask questions of our selves. For me, I am re-evaluating work itself, and how my consulting practice can take center stage again. I am fine-tuning the Garden Hill suite of offerings. Clearly, it is essential to bring solutions to organizations and individuals across many spectrums, and this work, for this moment is my--our--purpose. It seems everywhere I turn, others are also re-assessing, re-aligning and changing things up. All with the goal of doing better, answering the right call.

If you or your organization are struggling with revealed realities of racism, oppression and daily violence against the BIPOC communities, you are not alone. Waking up to the reality that we have a responsibility, but finding our path towards owning it: not always clear within our own contexts. How Garden Hill Consulting can help:

  • re-examining internal and staffing practices. Guidance on how to process and improve

  • re-examining how you relate to your community, your constituents, and exploring ways to reverse any damage. Guidance on how to process and improve

  • strategy and planning to incorporate new learnings, new responses

  • leadership development: doing the inner work. How has your "why" changed? What does that mean?

  • community building and facilitated events to bring forth issues and healing--In partnership with the Kaleidoscope Institute.

If the CoVid Pandemic scenario and aftermath has you reeling, you might be reassessing what needs to happen for your organization. If you are looking at how a new normal might look like for the organization, your social movement, grace roots efforts or for your own career, give us a call, we can craft the perfect:

  • Financial services contracts: looking at your Paycheck Protection Program loan management, CARES grants management and reporting, financial assessment and modeling, helping find a better way

  • Brainstorming sessions

  • Facilitated team-building event

  • Strategic planning episode

  • Unity building workshop for your community and constituents

  • Coaching session

  • Discovery or assessment project

There is a synergy in our sights, in our very hands, as Garden Hill re-launches with the right partners, the right perspectives, the right approaches for this exact moment, a moment when entire countries are re-opening, waking up, seeing better ways to be 'normal'.


"Disruption is the field of creativity; we break up soil in order to sow new seeds. By interrupting countless patterns, this challenging moment is offering us an enormous opportunity to make things better than they've ever been--globally, in our communities, and in our own lives"

--Martha Beck


Let's get on with it!

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