“In our work with Rhonda, she has shown a deep commitment to making the world a better place. The foot print she left on our organization is an important one.”

--Consulting Client, 2015. (Ellen Wingard, Movius Consulting; Executive Coach, Harvard Business School).  

“I appreciate Rhonda’s creativity and focus. She does a wonderful job as a leader, and her presence with our organization at this time was so important. Rhonda is a problem solver, and is able to find better ways to look at the work. She can look at things objectively and find ways to engage and develop teams so they can be and do their best.”

--Project client, Interim role 2018 

"Rhonda guided us through a complex legal matter, providing excellent expertise for the case. She kept documents organized and was able to deliver quickly on every request. In addition, her research on foreign property rights was essential and critical to building our case, well documented, well presented, and from the most reliable sources. Having her forensic and administrative support was invaluable."

--N.D. private client, 2020

What happens now

CoVid 19 changes a lot of Mission-driven work. So too, does our collective waking up to the realities of massive oppression of BIPOC. 
Organizations doing work towards the greater good are reeling now.

We get that crafting a response to the CoVid situation becomes more difficult. Difficult because we must respond while simultaneously reading the situation and interpreting its impact.  We can help with: situational assessments, financial analysis, and general planning.

Garden Hill is working alongside The Kaleidoscope Institute over the next few months to deliver a well-designed approach for healing divides, addressing polarization, and advancing anti-racism through dialogue and building up communities. Stay tuned for more.

Sometimes an objective viewpoint can get us out of the weeds and back to seeing clearly. Let us help create your next normal and bring Thrivery back to your context.

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