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I am Rhonda Magee and I welcome you. I deliver practices in Thrivery.

I help leaders and change–makers to make more significant impacts and arrive at their own inner Thrivery Zone. From within a unique frameworks structure, and founded upon my career working in nonprofit organizations, I work from the perspectives of people and impact to strengthen operations, programs, and organizations. Through my Garden Hill and Full Circle Enneagram programs, I develop people in important spaces and help build essential aspects of the positive outcomes my clients seek.  

Thrivery, /THrīv(ə)rē/  Def: the act or practice or an instance of flourishing, performing well, while achieving satisfaction. Creating impact, well-being, or positive progress. To Thrive and surpass expectations. The habits and practices of living fully; living in fulfillment.

Consulting to Nonprofits and Practitioners/Change-makers
Helping you to get out of struggle so you can thrive

The right place to start: dialogue and conversation, in order to Understand what keeps you up at night, where your efforts have become too much struggle with not enough positive result. To understand how thrivery could be your new normal.

In what ways are you tired of doing things the same way and getting the same results? In what ways would you like to grow in your personal development?

  • How is Thrivery missing for you or your organization?

  • What IMPACT could be better for your organization?

  • Do you have pain and angst around:

    • ​people, teams, culture, structures, leadership

    • strategy, risk, impact, execution plans and actions
    • getting the gears working together, delivering programs, measuring impact?

  • Do you wonder how to turn all the effort into thrivery, for one another, for the world, for the community?

  • Is your organization operating from a place of Scarcity? How demoralizing has that become?

  • Are you struggling to get all the pieces optimized and synchronized?

  • As a leader, are you missing your own Thrivery zone? Not enough time to spend on ideas, not enough time with your family? How could things be better?

  • How about your family, your staff and team members: are they truly thriving?

  • Are you worried about the trauma of the work and its effect on your people?

  • How could  your clients, members and customers grow and flourish in new ways? 

We serve, through Thrivery practices:  your organization and your vision

Let us help you get to your Thrivery zone. 

About me

Rhonda founded Garden Hill Consulting in 2009, and continues to expand the expertise of the firm while learning from the changing world and challenges faced by clients. 

Other collaborators are available to add expertise to address client projects, allowing us to optimize our solutions. We love working together this way!

What happens now
Where are we now?

CoVid 19 and post pandemic realities have changed a lot of Mission-driven work. So too, does our collective waking up to the realities of massive oppression of so many humans, and our collective angst about so many things of major importance to our future as a species--well, it is a lot.

Organizations doing work towards the greater good are reeling now. Leaders and change-makers are experiencing higher levels of stress and massive burnout. I start with the people, particularly those in leadership, which honestly, is just about all of us if we understand the term well. Then, we can move on to the organization and its mission.

I get that regularly crafting new and appropriate responses to a rapidly changing environment becomes more difficult. Difficult because we must respond while simultaneously reading the situation and interpreting its impact. I can help with: situational assessments, financial analysis, and general planning.

Garden Hill is currently working alongside The Kaleidoscope Institute to deliver well-designed approaches for healing divides, addressing polarization, and advancing anti-racism through dialogue and building up communities. Stay tuned for more.

Sometimes an objective viewpoint can get us out of the weeds and back to seeing clearly. Let us help create your next normal and bring Thrivery back to your context.


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